The María José Jove Foundation creates the FMJJ Artistic Training Scholarship that will allow artists born in Galicia to study the Master in Fine Arts at the Art Institute FHNW in Basel (Switzerland). This initiative will be carried out within the framework of the collaboration agreement signed between the María José Jove Foundation (FMJJ) and the Art Institute FHNW, Basel, of the University of Applied Arts and Sciences of Northwest Switzerland.

The FHNW Master of Arts in Fine Arts addresses an in-depth examination of students’ artistic practice over two years and is presented in the form of seminars, symposia and workshops. It is the only operation at the moment in Europe with a specialized curriculum in gender, nature and social justice.

The Art Institute FHNW in Basel is directed by Chus Martínez, curator and researcher. She has been chief curator of the Museo del Barrio de Nueva York; director of dOCUMENTA (13), from Kassel; Conservative-head of MACBA; Curator of the Sala Montcada of the La Caixa Foundation; director of the Sala Rekalde and the Frankfurter Kuntsverein.

Annual and endowed with 20,000 euros, they can benefit from the FMJJ Artistic Training Grant Galician artists who meet the requirements and pass the admission tests required in the Master in Fine Arts of the Art Institute FHNW. With this scholarship, the María José Jove Foundation wants to contribute to the training abroad of artists born in Galicia; encourage visual production, promote the establishment of support networks and channels of dissemination of Galician artists, as well as the questioning and investigation of artistic practices in their social contexts and the development of new approaches and communication methods.

In the event that in any of its editions no Galician artist manages to pass the tests required by the Art Institute FHNW, the FMJJ reserves the right to grant the scholarship to artists of Galician parents residing abroad or to non-Galician artists (yes Spaniards), who have also passed the entrance exams to the Master.

Endowment and duration of the scholarship
The scholarship will last two years, corresponding to the duration of the Master. Applications from interested artists must be made directly at the Art Institute FHNW according to the procedures established by the institution through its website. and whose deadline for submitting applications is open until March 15. If applicable, after the student’s admission to the master’s degree, the Art Institute FHNW will notify the María José Jove Foundation of said approval for the grant processing and its subsequent financial endowment.

The contribution of the 20,000 euros of the scholarship will be made effective in two payments: the first, as a financial contribution and the second, as a work acquisition.

Upon completion of the Master’s degree, the grantee must provide a work to the María José Jove Foundation, which will become part of the institution’s art collection. The selection will be made by the Directorate of the Art Institute FHNW, Basel and the Directorate of the FMJJ Art Collection.