The group portrait is a genre linked to the origins of photography and identity construction that seeks to be visible in a social environment. Once the access to photography was generalized, the group is a theme present in any biographical image. We already know: any portrait aims to influence the notion of identity. In this case, we would have to add the collective. In this issue of EXIT we wanted to take a tour of the history of group photography by Rafael Doctor, curator specializing in contemporary photography, and collector of a vast archive of anonymous photography. Thus, we will see some examples of the first group portraits made in Spain, with figures like Laurent or Disderi, passing through other contemporary photographers such as Miguel Trillo or Laura Torrado. But there is also space for the international scope and for other looks: the photographs of the already mythical Agnès Varda in her travels around the world, the school portraits of Mimmo Jodice, the bodies in transition of Rineke Dijkstra, Carmen Calvo and her “memories” intervened, the joy and spontaneity of Helen Lewitt’s work or the stunning photographic archive of the Mexican Rutilo Patiño. Different examples that nevertheless share something in common: the group and the body are built in a certain way in front of the camera.


Group portrait with dog. Rosa Olivares

Groups: fragments of our history. Rafael Doctor

Vanesa Beecroft, Carmen Calvo, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Kyungwoo Chun, Clegg&Guttman, Siân Davey, Rineke Dijkstra, André Disderi, Slawomir Elsner, Eliott Erwitt, Patrick Faigenbaum, Masahisa Fukase, Antonia García Vilches, Germán Gómez, Lewis Hine, Evelyn Hofer, Zhang Huan, Francesco Jodice, Seydou Keïta, Jean Laurent, Helen Levitt, Tuomo Manninen, Edgar Martins, Nicholas Nixon, Rutilo Patiño, Bert Teunissen, Laura Torrado, Spencer Tunick, Miguel Trillo, Martín Santos Yubero, Agnès Varda.

Imagen de portada: © Masahisa Fukase
Cover image: © Masahisa Fukase
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