The 16th edition of the International Photography Biennial, FOTONOVIEMBRE, is organised by the Cabildo de Tenerife through the Tenerife Centre for Photography, TEA Tenerife Espacio de las ArtesThe selection period is now open, during which five artists will be chosen to form part of the section entitled Artistas en Selección, at the FOTONOVIEMBRE 2021 biennial taking place this autumn, directed by Teresa Arozena.

Artistas en Selección is an exhibit that is open to all artists that use photography, video and/or installations as a means of expression, and for those that do not work within thematic or conceptual limits. The aim is to present the medium in its current form, as well as potential emerging artists, unlike the Sección Oficial (official section), which is developed along the lines of a specific proposal, as defined by curators among the artistic directors of the festival. Artistas en Selección is one of three categories that make up the 2021 FOTONOVIEMBRE biennial, which is celebrating its 30th edition this year, along with the Sección Oficial and Atlántica Colectivas.

Those interested in participating in Artistas en Selección have until 11 May to submit their work. Please send an email to attaching all required documents. The rules and entry form for Artistas en Selección can be found at the FOTONOVIEMBRE, and on the TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes website,

Proposals (max. 2 per participant) should be accompanied by: a written description of the theoretical concept and the technical requirements for exhibition (specifying whether it is a photo, video or installation); images, an artistic biography of the author; and a synopsis of the project. Applicants may also include complementary information relating to the proposal, such as publications, reviews, comments or links.

Proposals that are not selected for Artistas en Selección will be automatically entered into the category Atlántica Colectivas. Selected artists for the category Artistas en Selección will receive 4000 euros as a fee and to cover the costs of production of the artwork. In addition, of the five chosen proposals, one will be selected as the Artista en Selección by the event sponsors, Fundación MAPFRE Guanarteme, who will be hosting the collection in their premises.

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FOTONOVIEMBRE is an event that brings together through images many contemporary art-forms, new technologies, photographic heritage, personal creation and the evolution of the medium itself. The goal of this biennial, which has been held in Tenerife since 1991 and has become one of the key proponents of photography in the Canaries and beyond, is to facilitate and disseminate a broad debate surrounding images as a means of expression, communication and cultural participation.

Originally based upon the study, discussion and display of photography, over the years Fotonoviembre has gradually incorporated other forms of expression that are key to understanding our society as a visual culture. Quality, professionalism and participation from a great number of artists and institutions have ensured the success of FOTONOVIEMBRE over the years, as it seeks to keep its finger on the pulse of contemporary photography and how it connects with other disciplines.