Opening: Friday 25 October, at 7 pm

The Blueproject Foundation presents the exhibition Mia anima nera [My Dark Soul] by The Perfect Lover, a collective formed by Jesús Alcaide, Javier Pividal and Sergio Porlán. The show will be on display in the Sala Project from 25 October 2019 to 12 January 2020.

At a time when transparency, clarity and conciseness are expected of both the political and social orders, from the symbolic regimes of contemporary artistic production we continue to work based on darkness, opacity and complexity. Mia anima nera is a project that is constructed on these coordinates, a three-way game in which authorship is a contaminated concept. There is no death of the author; it is simply that they have been seduced by the text of others.

The project is the second appearance on the scene of a complicit relationship that reclaims the opacity of language to question the construction of reality. It is proposed as a dialogic exercise, a space of interferences, a negotiation territory in which the pieces become charged with new meanings when they come into contact with each other.

In the exhibition, a group of sculptural works in various formats, some unseen, will be displayed at the Sala Project. A new performance by Guillem Jiménez, especially conceived for the project, will interact with the pieces and be performed in the opening.

Mia anima nera. Dark song. Dark room. Hidden image. Everything became a struggle against darkness.

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