3 special guests will evoke Paris in the 1980’s at special talk hosted by LOEWE in Madrid

As part of its LOEWE Conversations series and on the occasion of the Hervé Guibert exhibition currently on view at the LOEWE Gran Via store, LOEWE is pleased to present an evening with three distinguished guests who will discuss Guibert’s life and time as well as the enduring importance of his work: Agathe Gaillard, Christine Guibert and Kiddy Smile.

The panel will take place on 3 July, 2019 and offer a rare-first-hand look at the French capital’s seminal art scene of the 1980s, seen through the lens of Hervé Guibert’s experience and creative legacy, which will serve as a starting point to touch on questions of identity, gender and sexuality that remain as relevant today as they were during the artist and activist’s lifetime.

Hervé Guibert (French, 1955-1991) is the subject of the LOEWE Foundation’s 9th participation in PHotoESPAÑA. Having first made a name for himself in Parisian intellectual circles as an author and newspaper columnist, in his writings Guibert exposed the devastating effects of his AIDS diagnosis at a time when discourse around the subject was still heavily stigmatised. When he died of the illness at the age of 36, he also left behind a body of extraordinary photographs characterised by a supremely gentle yet poignant approach. Guibert’s poetic, carefully composed black-and-white images can be seen at LOEWE Gran Via through August 30th.

About the participants:

Agathe Gaillard was Guibert’s gallerist and close friend. She opened one of the first galleries dedicated to photography in 1975 and has devoted her career to promote and support numerous important photographers. Gaillard has been instrumental in raising the recognition of photography, helping create festivals, collections and museums that specialise in the medium.

Trained in French literature, Christine Guibert met Guibert in 1976 and married him in 1989 in order to inherit the rights to his estate, which she holds to this day. Christine is also the mother of two children with Thierry Jouno, who was one of Hervé Guibert’s romantic partners.

Raised in housing projects near Paris, multi-talented DJ, stylist, voguer and house-music entrepreneur Kiddy Smile showed an early interest in dance, appearing in several music videos. A strong advocate for the full expression of one’s identity in all of his varied artistic endeavours, Kiddy Smile combines a proud embrace of being black and queer with a bold sense for fashion.

The LOEWE Conversation series and the house’s latest PHotoESPAÑA exhibit reflect the house’s long-standing commitment to artistic expression across forms, eras and boundaries, fulfilled in part through its Foundation, founded in 1988 to promote creativity in a variety of fields.

The talk will take place at 7pm at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid and will be moderated by respected journalist Jorge Barriuso, whose work has appeared in El MundoEl País and Vogue, among other outlets.

Imagen: Sienne, 1979

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