The competition’s call for entries coincides with the launch of the publication of last year’s winning essay, VOCES DE UN LUGAR IMPOSIBLE (“Voices from an impossible place”), by Diana Rangel.

The María José Jove Foundation is calling for entries for the II Award for Research into and Essays on Art Therapy Applications, an international competition that seeks to promote contemporary thinking and disciplinary convergence with the aim of contributing to the study, dissemination and practice of art as a therapeutic tool. The competition prize is 6,000 euros and publication.

The deadline for submitting publications is 20 September.
The decision will be announced in the second week of December.

The 2020 María José Jove Foundation Award for Research into and Essays on Art Therapy Applications is open to people over the age of 18 and of any nationality and place of residence. Applicants are required to present an essay on a subject relating to art in the clinical environment, as a tool for use in therapy, as a vehicle for expressing oneself or as a tool with the power to “cure”. The subject can be approached from different disciplines, including the arts, philosophy, sociology, psychology, education, psychotherapy, and anthropology, thus allowing for a broad conceptual framework. Submitted works must be a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 150 numbered pages. The rules of the competition can be found at

The members of the competition jury are as follows: Marián López Fernández Cao, professor of Art Education at the University Complutense of Madrid, a promoter of the Official Interuniversity Master’s in Arts Therapies and Artistic Education for Social Inclusion, and vice-chair of the European Consortium of Arts Therapies Education (ECArTE); Margaret Hills de Zárate[JC1] , a doctor and senior lecturer on the MSc Art Psychotherapy programme in the Division of Occupational Therapy and Arts Therapies at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh; Néstor Braunstein, doctor honoris causa at the University of Veracruz in Mexico and a doctor, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and essayist; Felipa Jove, on behalf of the chair of the Foundation; and the exhibition curator, Susana González, on behalf of the director of the María José Jove Foundation Art Collection. The jury is looking in particular for works that stand out for their originality, analysis and ability to connect different disciplines. Entries will also be assessed for the way in which they are expressed, their clarity, coherence, rhythm and formal correctness.

In conjunction with the call for entries for the Award for Research into and Essays on Art Therapy Applications, the María José Jove Foundation Art Collection also launched the publication of Voces de un lugar imposible (“Voices from an impossible place”), the winning essay in the inaugural competition, by the Caracas-born artist and psychologist Diana Rangel, who now lives in Barcelona.