A platform for art and culture, an interactive virtual and digital environment, open to new ways of influencing research, communication and knowledge transfer, through artistic practice. With this premise, the MUV was created by the María José Jove Foundation (FMJJ) : the first exclusively virtual museum in Spain.

It is a pioneering initiative in the international museum scene and one more step for the FMJJ to support artistic creation since it has been conceived as an exchange structure that will facilitate the connection between artists, curators, researchers and cultural entities from all over the world, fields and disciplines. The digital nature of the museum makes it a versatile, flexible and nomadic space, which facilitates the development of what cannot be done in a real museum. This proposal will support innovative projects that are articulated around issues such as the preservation of cultural and natural heritage.

Designed by the architects Creus e Carrasco, the MUV is located in an imaginary place in Galicia, capturing the spirit of the landscape and the identity of the land. The MUV can be accessed through MUV with a digital visualization or go through it in Virtual Reality, for which VR glasses are necessary. The entity has at its headquarters in A Coruña a physical space for virtual viewing and another in the NORMAL space of the University of Coruña, coinciding with a first exhibition. Likewise, through the web you can also access the programming and actions related to the art area of ​​the FMJJ.

The MUV is already starting with a calendar of exhibitions around territorial identity that, for this first season, includes two projects on industrial architecture, the exhibition project Camiño Negro by Damián Ucieda and curated by Juan de Nieves, and Arquitectura Límite, a project documentation on industrial architecture on the coast; Katrin Niedermeir’s exhibition on popular music and dance, curated by Chus Martínez, and Irene Kopelman’s project in relation to the geology of the Ribeira Sacra, curated by Susana González. And it is also committed to an important editorial component, which will include publications, conversations and a digital archive. Likewise, it will maintain a direct link with the projects associated with the scholarships, awards and artistic residencies promoted by the María José Jove Foundation,as well as with the FMJJ Art Collection, contributing to the visualization support of the works of the artists supported by the entity.